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This blog talks about the positive thoughts of life. Positivism is such an instrument to make things happen, being positive helps resuscitate the spirit of courage and determination to achieve something that we think it is impossible. Through the essence of one’s mind, thus this enable our way of thinking filled with positive thoughts. Furthermore, being positive doesn’t only change the way we think, this also awaken us to look on bright side of life. As individuals we have so many things to consider and some facts of life that would seriously influence the life we live throughout our existence. This blog was made to give people insights how positivism really helps people despite the struggles that the world gives.  This tackles about, first, how we deal life by our own way because life is what we make it. Second, Life’s challenges, we need to face the reality that life is consists of problems that we need to solve and overcome. Third, never give up, giving up always mean that you are quitting by the challenges that you encounter along the road, you failed to defeat the trials that have been thrown. In addition still there are ways on how to conquer and dispatch trials, the positive thoughts of life. Fourth, that moment of change, from the quote “Nothing is permanent except change “. Change makes people a better one, we fail, frustrate or even discouraged but we must bear in mind that these are the instances that gives us learning’s.  This also tackles about the significance of positivism and how to become a positivist and there are tips on how to become more positive.

blog You cant live a positive life with a negative mind 

My name is Nicole Jane Cabaneros, the writer of this blog. I wrote this for the fact that this would really help people the way they view life as a negative one. I am from CDO, Philippines. 19 years young and taking up Bachelor of Science in Technology Communication Management at University of Science and Technology of the Philippines. I love to communicate and interact with people and to write anything as well.




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